Call Tracking For Magazine Advertising

Call tracking is a great marketing tool for measuring the success of any campaign while managing multiple ads on the same platform at once. This tracking application has helped many marketers, from the novice to the expert alike, by giving them a much clearer picture of how their campaigns are performing and providing detailed statistics to draw sound conclusions from. Tracking systems are also great for keeping track of customer service quality control and training your sales force. Much can be taken from call tracking by utilizing its key features which will assist your magazine advertising and maximize your results.

As you begin placing multiple magazine ads, you’ll want to make sure you get the most out of your marketing dollars. One way to keep track of your magazine ads is through call tracking. By placing different tracking numbers on your different ads, you’ll know exactly which ads are performing well, marketing call tracking which ones are ok, and which ad is just a waste of money. Tracking software will tell you exactly who called in on which ad, the duration of the call, when the call was made, the source of origination (area code and/or state), what are the heaviest call times, return on investment ROI, and cost per call. That’s quite a bit of knowledge off of one ad, which will quickly tell you how to organize your next marketing campaign.

What’s great about call tracking for magazine advertising is that you can perform quality control on your representatives, which will give you insight as to how each call is being handled and therefore affecting your conversion ratios. Call tracking holds everyone accountable, by recording every conversation and displaying call lengths, which tell you what your team does with every call. While you organize marketing campaigns, you should expect your sales and customer support teams to be performing admirably and earn potential customers’ business.

Best of all, I believe call tracking is a great tool to utilize, even if it is slightly more expensive than a regular 800 number from the phone company. You will get much more detailed statistics, call activity reporting in real-time, and tracking of unique calls, which the phone company can’t do. As you become more involved with tracking and optimizing your marketing, you will see how this tool generates more business and you will never look back once you see your results improve and your workflow streamlined.


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