Magic Love Potions – Facing the Dragon – Part Two

There were portals all over Tanis and these portals enabled anyone to travel from one part of the Kingdom to another in a matter of seconds. Some of these portals even connected Tanis to other worlds. Anngel knew of two; loveportal but there were no portals that took you to the high peaks of the Eastern mountains. It was thought that putting a magical portal near a high concentration of dragons fool hardy to say the least.

Male dragons were vicious, brutal and mostly stupid creatures, fejermegyemedia with a few exceptions. Knight’s Bane was one such exception. Dragons were one spieces of creature on Tanis that possessed very powerful and ancient magic. Many centuries ago, when Anngel’s ancestors created the first portals, one such portal was put right in the midst of the Eastern mountains. The Ancients wanted to study the dragons. Dragon magic was misunderstood and grosly underestimated and Knight’s Bane took advantage of their ignorance and gained their trust so he could learn how to use the portal. When he had learned its secrets, kreuzfahrt he gathered some of the other dragons and opened the gateway to another world; Earth. They emerged into the Northern regions of China during that country’s infantcy. By the time the Ancients had discovered Bane’s betrayal, he had spread his dragon seed all over films the Europeon continent. Dragon eggs were hidden in all the major mountain ranges from Northern China to the Atlantic Ocean. It took Centuries to hunt down all the living dragons. Very few of the eggs were found and Knight’s Bane escaped back through the portal and hid in The Eastern mountains, no doubt feeling very smug. Anngel’s ancestors returned to Tanis only when they were certain they had averted a major disaster; when dragon sightings were rare and receded into human mythology. It was agreed then that the portal would be destroyed and all the others would be reconfigured so that they could not be used to invade other worlds or parts of Tanis itself. The secrets of these gateways were past down only to the royal family to ensure the safety of all.

Being that the journey was a long and arduous one, Anngel rarely went to see Solara except in matters of urgency. She really had to think this one over. Was getting David back so urgent that she would risk her life? She felt the sting of tears as David’s beautiful features appeared in her mind’s eye. His sandy blond hair that was always just a bit messy; That crooked way he had of smiling that took her breath away. The way his dark, halbarat blue eyes seemed to look right into her soul. He was smiling as he presented her a gift of Virillian flowers. She could still smell the sweet fragrance of those blood red, orchid like blooms. They were her favorite. Had that only been a week ago? It seemed a lifetime. Infact, it now felt more like a dream or a story she had been told that happened to someone else. She was once again filled with a deep sadness.

” Your Highness, are you alright?” a young woman holding a sleeping infant regarded her with concern in her pale blue eyes. Her simple, brown shift was pulled down on one side as if she’s just been nursing her baby. Anngel realised that she’d been standing outside Lorrimore’s shop holding Brin’s halter and her mind had wandered a million miles away. She wondered how long she’s been standing there. The infant made little sucking noises in her sleep and Anngel smiled.

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” I’m fine, thankyou for your concern. I was just thinking.” Anngel discreedtly dabbed at her tears, ” You have a beautiful child. What’s her name?”

“Gabrielle, Your highness” The woman curtsied then blushed, noticing her disleveled bodice.

Anngel saw her embarrassment and said reasuringly, ” It’s a beautiful thing to see a nursing mother. Gagrielle is a beautiful name. Thankyou again for your concern.” She took some coins from her purse and handed them to the young mother.

” Oh!” the woman exclaimed in surprise, ” thankyou your Highness. You are very kind, but I don’t deserve such a token.”

” Nonsence. Of course you do. Take it for Gabrielle. I insist.” She pressed the coins into the woman’s hand.

” Thankyou so much. Many blessings of the day to you Your Highness” She snuggled her baby close to her and hurried down the cobblestone street to the vegetable market. Anngel watched her go then wiping the dampness from her face, swung up into the saddle and headed out of town in the opposite direction.

Even though She had started to doubt the wisdom of going to Solara, Anngel felt she had entered a strong current that kept her going in the direction of her original plans. She needed fast transpertation to the Eastern Mountains and that meant going to the Isle of the Cresent Moon to see her friend Thunder.

Thunder was a magnificant black stallion with huge, majestic, black wings that spanned at least 30 feet from tip to tip. Anngel remembered so well the day she first saw him. She was standing in the long grass of the Lonely Meadow with her father. Thunder had decended upon them like a storm, sending loose leaves and debris flying in the whirlwind of his powerful wings; and then had landed as lightly as such a large beast could. His powerful hooves making deep furrows in the soft earth. For a child of five the great, black stallion was the most frightening and the most beautiful thing Anngel had ever seen. He was so wild and fire seemed to flare from his nostrils as his black eyes flashed and gleamed at them. “Stand still Lovey.” Father told her, ” Look him in the eyes and show no fear.”
” I’m not afraid, Daddy.” She said, more to reassure herself than him as her heart pounded in her small chest. The Great stallion had taken an instant liking to Anngel. He had marveled at the bravery of such a small child.

Thunder had become one of Anngel’s dearest friends on Tanis and had shown her so many places and taught her so much about this magical world that she calls home. Brin and Anngel headed west towards the sea and the nearest portal. It was hidden in a cave behind a waterfall and surrounded by what appeared to be a lake. It was really just a large puddle that only came to Brin’s knees. The illusion was perfectly deceptive. Brin didn’t hesitate at the water’s edge, but splashed in eagerly dancing with the sunlight reflecting in the water as the dark clouds parted slightly and a yellow beam shone down on them like a spotlight. She had traveled this route before, many times. The Roan mare winnied in anticipation; she loved Thunder and had known him almost as long as Anngel had.

The waterfall parted like a curtain and they entered a cave made of white stone. The portal was a dark, archway with ancient runes carved into it. Anngel chanted the names of the runes that would open the portal and take them to The Isle of the Crecent Moon. “Ra! Thal!” the words resinated off the stone walls, echoing into the shadows. “Klatal! Mar! Etath!” the Runes glowed and the black stone behind the gateway shimmered and became mirror like revealing another cave on the other side. “Come on Girl, lets go” She said, nudging Brin forward. The mare hesitated only slightly. Walking through the thin, mirror like film felt strange and she never quite got over her nervousness of it. “It’s ok, Girl. We’ve done this many times before. Thunder is waiting on the other side. Look, there he is.”


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