The Wedding Planner Book – Easy Steps to Simplify Your Wedding

I love lists. Grocery lists, playlists, lists of places to go, people to meet, The Wedding Planner things to do before 20, 25, 30. And now I have to start thinking of things to do before MY wedding, yes MY wedding. I don’t know where to start except by finding a list. A wedding planner book seems the most reasonable thing to consult. Who can afford a real planner these days? So if I can just get my hands on one of their lists I can make myself useful by just following the prompts, Can’t I? Award

These days everybody’s an expert. I know my mother is an expert, skate shop my aunt is definitely an expert and that lady I met while reaching for the peas at the store… she has a degree in wedding planning or meddling or both. It’s like the bling on the finger is an invitation to free advice when really it is not needed.

But seriously without kidding the usefulinfodaily wedding planner book is my dream come true only second to my hubby to be. I can’t think of less hassle free way to make sure I cover everything. Wedding planning shouldn’t be rocket science and it certainly shouldn’t be stressful. A wedding planner book is a couples guide to happiness while still dealing with everything else that is going on in your life

The wedding planner book is me-proof. I just have to keep track of months and try not to lose business cards. Who knows maybe this time next year I’ll be Mrs prince charming. For more info visit here:-

Penelope Jane is passionate to make her wedding the best day of her life and to pass the knowledge onto you.


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