How Facebook News Feed Changes Could Affect Your Business Marketing

With the announcement of the new changes in Facebook, businesses need to know how it impacts their business marketing and what changes they need to make. schachtelaw

The changes announced on March 7, 2013 are positive and move Facebook in a good direction. However, changes in social media outlets seem to always have a ripple effect on business marketing.

The bottom line of the changes is that Facebook will be more about visual content. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the goal of the Facebook changes is this: “What we’re trying to do is give everyone in the world the best personalized newspaper we can.”

However, facebook users will have the choice to view news feeds for either just their friends, or for the pages they like or for the music their friends are listening to. Keep in mind, benefits of red light therapy if your fans choose to view the news feed from just their friends… that means they aren’t going to be seeing your posts like they used to!

Visual content is a must.

Publish photos or other visual content instead of text based status updates. Visual content can appear in photos-only News Feeds or a “following” brands News Feed. Therefore, visual content has the opportunity to gain a larger reach. Try to stay away from “text-only” posts.

Make photo-focused ads.

According to an interview published by the mIT Technology review, dumpster rentals when asked how the new design will affect ads, a Facebook representative said, “The idea of making things richer, more immersive, includes ads.” Spend a little time on Photoshop, or hire someone who can do it for you.

Keep your copy short.

Just because you have space for long content, doesn’t mean you have to use it! The shorter the better. Photo captions will now be displayed over the photo instead of below it. You don’t want tons of words on top of your photos in Facebook. medlegalhq

Use Pinterest more.

Your pins from Pinterest will now be showing up on your news feed as larger images.

Incorporate more videos.

Videos will now have a larger prominence on your Facebook page than they had in the past.

Be prepared to invest in Facebook ads.

If your fans have opted to view just their friends posts, sho they won’t be seeing yours. This is just my view, but ads may become more and more important for businesses to be found on Facebook.

Be more compelling.

Are you posting just to get something out there? Your posts need to be sharable. If your content isn’t shared, you’re in trouble. Spend extra time creating content that’s likely to be shared and liked. Facebook does give you a ranking revolved around how popular your posts are. If no one ever interacts with your page, that’s not good for you or your ranking.


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