Racing News – A Global Trend

Being in New York, I see many people play racing video games, frontiernews but never keep up with the racing news. If you were to live in Manhattan, it would never be noticed: people prefer sports such as baseball and football as opposed to motorsports or most vehicular types of sports. It is rare to find any news about any events in New York unless you hear about a bad crash on the tracks. To find more fans and information other than the internet, you need only look to places outside localletter of New York.

While I was in Chattanooga on a business trip, newspoke I was pleasantly surprised to see what avid race fans they were and how many news stations were reporting all the hot racing news. Any sports bar I went to had at least one race being aired and the passion for the sport was unbelievable; it could be felt through the air. topicals

After doing some research, tbadaily I learned that Japan as well as many European nations such as Italy can be very passionate about racing as well. In their sports channel news, it is not uncommon to see them bring up the major racing events of the day. Japan however often speaks primarily of drift racing where it is an extremely popular motorsport. kulfiy

It was good to see in my travels that even though New York may not have a large fan base, there are still many other groups worldwide who enjoy hearing racing news and love motorsports as much as I do. pressmagazines


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